❝ considering it’s not a tangible thing,
         there’s nothing disappearing or appearing.
         but, it can never be spoken of again. 
         add it to the list of things to  n e v e r  talk about
         again. along with beth & my skank phase. 


        ’ that truly depends on your perception
         of the word tangible. because if my
         memory serves — and it usually does —
         you made yourself pretty damn tangible
         at Schuester’s wedding fiasco      
twice ‘.


I'm also a unicorn. Maybe a bi-corn. Either 
way, I'm starting to believe in my own magic.

    ☀ indie brittany pierce roleplay!!
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    ☀ mun is 18, but doesn’t play with smutty putty!!
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    ☀ has been rping britt for 8 months!!
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                      ❝ santana! you’re being 
& overdramatic.
                  i wasn’t trying to scare her off;
                          i was trying to be n i c e


          ’ Which        when it comes to you    
        is pretty much the equivalent to an
           Israeli suicide bomber. So thank you 
           for completely ruining my chances
           of getting laid,
yet again ’.


awesomegaydar 」

  she can feel her stare.


                 ❝ to answer your silent question——
yes, we’re  S T I L L  not talking about it. 

         ’ just because you refuse to acknowledge
           it, doesn’t mean its gonna magically
           disappear and never be spoken of again ‘.

why does tumblr eat replies



         ❝ i blatantly announced to everyone that i was leaving
         for the day. i couldn’t stay in that stupid choir room any
      longer. is that what you wanted to hear? mr. schuester and
    his god-awful dance moves were giving me a migraine, along
     with that so-called ‘good’ music he’s picking out for our next
      competition. not to mention, that room is full of people i feel
           like strangling every single time they begin to speak. ❞

                though she battles an internal conflict in a brief
                moment of hesitation, santana caves, taking
                              a seat next to her friend.

         you and i both, Q. but regardless of how annoying or ridiculously
frustrating everyone in that room can be, you don’t have to shut
              yourself down and pretend you feel nothing. i know we’ve had
              our differences — and bitch fights — but it doesn’t mean i don’t
              care about you, it doesn’t mean i won’t listen❜.


but i want a verse just where they’re dealing with the aftermath of a seriously bad breakup. i mean. starting from the beginning and everything is so great. but i want something where they’re so torn from hating the other person and wanting to be with them, and they have a bad history with cheating and lying but they’ve been through so much and it’s just toxic. they hate being in the same room but it hurts to be in the same room. and there’s late night phone calls where the only thing they want is to hear the other’s voice, but there’s also those days where they just want to cry and scream. it’s so important. being broken up but still in love is so important.

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*kicks your door down*
have you accepted santana lopez as your lord and savior?


+ awesomegaydar

"Can you PLEASE tell Brittany
 to stop  trying  to sneak  Lord
 Tubbington  into  my  locker?
 The entire  thing  reeks of pot
 and cheetos now.   It’s gross.
 She  M I G H T  listen to you.”


           ❛ …

              ❛ no